The Simply OutSTANDing™ Communicator team is on a mission to help professionals share their ideas with the world with the confidence + clarity they need to get the attention they deserve.

Not surprising, Simply OutSTANDing™ Communicator is quickly becoming the go-to approach for professionals who need to dial up their communication skills, delivery, confidence, influence, and executive presence, particularly when the stakes are high.

Nearly 5,000 professionals from around the world have been introduced to Simply OutSTANDing™, our unique, easy-to-use, six-step communication approach and have experienced dramatic improvements in confidence levels when it is their turn to speak.

As the learning styles of our clients are diverse, so, too, are the Simply OutSTANDing™ Communicator signature offerings. From our live training events to our 1:1 executive coaching engagements, we curate learning experiences that are meaningful, unique, and empowering. Our hands-on, skill-based learning opportunities allow us to meet clients where they are on their communication skills journey, yet provide a dynamic framework for how they will get to where they want and need to be so that they can articulate ideas with clarity, conviction, and polish in any situation and get what they want.

Clients love their new found levels of confidence and influence, laser beam focus, and ability to speak clearly and concisely.

are you ready to become a simply outstanding communicator?

Susanne Crawford

aloud visionary + executive communication coach + author


  • love sailing and find the Caribbean blue water magical.
  • love to travel, meet new people and find out what makes them happy.
  • covet time in the kitchen trying out a new recipe while sipping a glass of bubbly.
  • dream of a world of smiling people.
  • often find that my creativity comes alive at 2am.
  • am extremely visual and often think in pictures.
  • love people-watching in airports.
  • have been blessed with an amazingly supportive family.
  • am impatiently waiting for patience.
  • can’t sing a note (be grateful I don’t even try.)
  • relish the feeling of sore stomach muscles when I’ve laughed too hard.
  • love asking questions and finding answers.
  • embrace different perspectives and seek to learn from them.
  • try to do something each day that I have never done before or that scares me.
  • listen to what is and is not said.
  • believe that life is about creating – not finding – yourself.
  • like white space and am a firm believer that less can be more.

As an executive communication coach, strategist, author, and international speaker, Susanne Crawford has dedicated her life’s work to helping passionate professionals advance their careers by being ready, confident, focused, and heard when the time is right for them to speak.

As a leading communication expert, Susanne created Simply OutSTANDing™, a dynamic, six­‐step communication approach that she detailed in the book entitled Simply OutSTANDing™ Communicator: Speak with confidence + clarity to get what you want. This unique approach helps professionals craft and deliver high­‐impact messages and influence decisions during any situation, including face­‐to­‐face meetings with C‐level leaders and other key decision­‐makers, high­‐stakes business pitches, media and job interviews, and presentations to audiences large and small.

Distinguished as one of only 3,800 public relations professionals in the world to have achieved the esteemed Accreditation in Public Relations (A.P.R.) designation, Susanne has worked both domestically and abroad for Fortune 500 and other private sector companies, government, and nonprofit organizations in a variety of sectors helping leaders and their teams use effective communication practices to influence, educate, and motivate audiences to take action. She served as adjunct faculty at the University of Missouri – Columbia School of Journalism, one of the top J‐schools in the world, where she facilitated the strategic communication capstone course.  Since founding re_group, a change + communication agency over a decade ago, Susanne has trained and/or coached nearly 5,000 professionals to help them strengthen their communication skills and executive presence.

Her diverse and unique experience as a strategic communicator, public relations professional, and change agent, coupled with her coaching, training, and facilitation skills, allows her to offer insightful and practical guidance to clients as they strive to become simply outstanding communicators.